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Design-build is the preferred process that FHS uses to manage and deliver your project. This process integrates the design team and build team to create a single entity, unified to collaboratively work on your project from its earliest inception to its ultimate, successful completion. The design-build process has proven to vitalize innovation and potentially minimize the schedule over the lifetime of the project. Some additional advantages of the FHS design-build construction process are:

  • FHS is your single contact for the entire project.
  • FHS is solely responsible and accountable for the entire project.
  • FHS assumes more risk that would otherwise be on you.
  • FHS can complete the project faster than using conventional construction processes because the bid phase is removed.
  • FHS bases your project’s cost estimate on your budget so that you have the estimate during the early design phase.
  • FHS builds constructibility into the project during the design phase to reduce the potential for unexpected problems, delays, and unaccounted for expenses.

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